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Well I was right
Burn Notice b/w
Resident Evil:Extinction was BITCHIN!

It was more of a straight up Zombie flick this time with a super powered Alice. The zombies were all crusty and Romeroesque slow and they were freaking EVERYWHERE! Awesome fight scenes with bad assedness galore and as per the last two flicks there was the nice twist ending.

Also the first preview for Iron Man played and it was a full trailer and it was BAD ASS! Robert Downy Jr. is going to make an excellent Tony Stark! Can't wait for that one!

Also got the second and third books in the "Dexter" Series that Showtime based their awesome show after. Well worth the read and the viewing (Season 1 available now on DVD at only 29.99!)/End Pimping

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I wanna see Resident Evil.....

It will be on my "list of things to do eventually" :)

BTW...which is your prefered IMer ? I'm ready to download!

We don't get this 'til Nov or Jan :((((

I want to see this, too. I'm way behind on movies.

There's been a lot of good movies this fall. I'm going to go see the Kingdom Today since I have just begun my V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! (It's not too obvioius that It's been over a year since I have had one is it?)

So how are things?

Meh, ok. I'm in this weird work dilemma that I don't know what to do about. Maybe I'll make my entry public so you can take a gander, as they say.
Besides that things are cool. Going anywhere on your vacation?

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