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30 Days of Night
horror icon roger
Just got back from 30 Days of Night. Disclaimer: If you are a fan of creampuff ohhh my poor little feelings vampires then this movie is NOT for you.

That being said. If you are a fan of horror movies and love a good chilling romp with buckets of blood and plenty of decapitations then this movie is for you!

Josh Hartnett does an excellent job as the Sherriff who does his best to keep his family alive when Vampires show up in Barrow, Alaska just as the town enters a period of darkness where the sun does not shine for 30 Days. Now these aren't your cuddly LK Hamilton Vampires. There are no Vampires with 'souls'. Steve Niles' vampires are monsters who revel in the pain and death of mortals. They see a human, they kill it, it's that simple. They don't even speak english, hell I'm not even sure if what they say is even a language, and that adds to the creepiness factor.

Soon it's war at the top of the world as a small band of survivors try to outlast the Vampires in hopes of seeing the sun again. They state the population of the town as 152 before the sun goes down.....That makes for a nice fat body count. No specific spoilers, I hate those.

I will close with this statement. If you're squeamish...Go see Good Luck Chuck

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Dude, glad to see you're back with reviews. I was questioning whether this would be worth seeing, and now I know it will be. Vampire movies can be soooo dissapointing, I usually don't bother with them, and the only fluffy vamp I like is Nick Knight.

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